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I swear I’ll get to more movies and books later. The original idea was to rotate, but let’s be honest: I do these things in phases. First it was high school where I wasn’t exactly sure what music was outside of the alternative rock station (which in hindsight isn’t “alternative” at all), and I didn’t go to movies. I was just clueless. But after years of homeschooling, the primary weekly event being Library-Sam’s-Day on Monday, I was perfectly comfortable with the concept of books.

And then there was Hume, which only means OurTunes and a buttload of music. And then there was the IMDb Top 250 list with I was thrilled to watch all of (and I guess you could include my film class in this) and now I’m mixing books and music. But I’m really only reading kids books for next year’s teaching extravaganza, and I’m figuring you’re not too interested in my take on KiddieLit so I’m trying to expand musical horizons instead.

So, onto the original topic: The Envy Corps

I first heard about The Envy Corps via their single “Wire & Wool” which I like a lot. Here’s the music video. It’s a little weird, but funny. But the band has humor, and that’s one of my favorite things about a band: one that can laugh at itself, one that doesn’t take itself seriously. The reason I found out they were hilarious was surfing on YouTube, where I found their other single “Story Problem” which is one of the most hilarious music videos I’ve seen in a long time. It’s really quite funny. Check it out here. Oh, and I guess I’ll mention that the song’s nice too.

(To be honest, they endeared themselves to me when I heard one of their lyrics: “I could have crossed my last Rubicon,” and if there’s anyone who’s a sucker for a classical reference it’s me. All I have to say is alea jacta est.)

Anyways, I’m not the first to get here by far. Apparently Black & White Magazine called them “the most promising band of 2004.” This clearly means I’m about four years late. Although, and not to shove this in the band’s face, but they’re a little bit of a late bloomer themselves. Or maybe they’re not good with promises. Or maybe B&W magazine has a bad habit of being premature about their predictions. Who knows.

I’ve also discovered I really like tagging only tangential topics here. It’s fun.



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