Recently I read the blog post “Frozen: Not Gonna ‘Let It Go’ When Movie Advocates Gay Agenda” and it was basically a holy experience.  I did find a small flaw in her logic, though (besides the fact that she claims that society takes money from gays…which if she’s talking about the expensive price of staying trendy, then yes she’s right. Otherwise, I think she means vilification. See below..might be a little small…sorry…I’m bad with technological thingies…but if you click on it, it shows up clean and clear…)

Gay Agenda Typos

Her logic claims “Frozen” promotes the gay agenda, but she’s wrong.  What she’s sadly missed is that the movie is pro-Mormon all the way: it’s actually secretly against SEX–sex before marriage.  What follows below is all of the woman’s evidence, with some slightly different conclusions drawn.

Elsa was born with a power that her parents taught her is not acceptable to the public, and that she must carefully control its expression, at all costs, hiding it from public, even her own sister, because it holds dangerous possibilities. Elsa’s magical powers cause her great shame from the outside world: desire for sex, forbidden by society outside of marriage…only whores have sex before marriage. And they always get pregnant.  Always.  Because they let the devil into their vaginas.

As Elsa’s power grows, she has trouble controlling it. Her parents close the castle to the public, and lock Elsa away so no one will discover her powers. She is separated from her sister; they cannot even play: demonetization of people who like sex because they let the devil into their vaginas.  If only society was so good as to lock ALL of them up in their rooms…that would traumatize them enough not to try and have sex again!

Elsa is forced to live alone being controlled to believe she is filled with the potential for evil. Her Anna also feels the sadness of this dysfunctional family driven mad by parents who LOCK THEIR DAUGHTER IN A ROOM (which the good woman of aforementioned blog says is simply “authority” children should not fight against): sex outside of preordained socio-religious institutions is harmful to the person, family and society.  Just look at what premarital sex brings upon our land: people who feel feelings!  Terror be to the fools who let themselves feel stuff!

Elsa and Anna’s parents die, so Elsa will become queen when she reaches the appropriate age.  She continues to fear her powers because she was never taught how to control them, only fear them: tries not having sex before marriage, but it’s all a sham.  She practically jizzed all over her coronation accoutrements she was so horny…icy…horny.

Meanwhile, her sister Anna is looking for a man, a husband man, because that’s the only acceptable kind of man a woman should be looking for: heterosexuals are free to pursue happiness through marriage, but ONLY marriage…anything else will lead to arctic blasts and snow in Florida.  FLORIDA!  We are currently reaping the terror of allowing people to marry late and have sex before it.  We are a society of heathens!

Elsa is afraid that people will discover what she believed to be the evil inside her. (Stay in the closet.) Anna, however, tries to wed anything with a penis (including a horse, I’m pretty sure….): heterosexuals are free to pursue happiness in marriage, because she’s a slave to society.  Note how she tries to get marry, but ends up getting screwed (and not in the sexy way)… How anti-marriage is that!?!

Anna finds a man worth marrying, but the mean and cruel Elsa who’s all about the sex without marriage says NO: judgment of only sex in marriage, she tries to convert her sister who is hopelessly bound in social norms. Stupid betch.

Elsa loses control of her emotions and her powers, revealing her true self to everyone. Elsa runs away because she has been discovered as a whore!
Now, this is a significant turn-around-message, because the sex before marriage movement consider themselves victims, enslaved by the judgments of religious  marriage advocates who keep them from what they want.  The religious marriage advocates make condoms cost so much!  Make lube so expensive! Cause people who want to make sexy decisions doubt the legitimacy of those decisions!  Oh peril! Oh shame!

People fear Elsa, but her sister knows she must be good at heart, so she goes to find her.  However, the town is now thrown into chaos because she has upset the town with her whore ways, breaking up marriages, leaving behind babies at every corner!  Abomination! Elsa, on her own, feels free and practices her powers and has sexy time with herself–masturbation now being the new evil.  I can’t imagine a clearer symbol of dildo usage than the giant phallus she creates out of ice to live in. She’s living in a friggin’ dildo!!!  When Anna finds her, Elsa is afraid what she will think, and then disturbed to realize she has thrown her town into eternal winter.  She is confused and alone and separates herself from everyone even further.  More distorted messaging, by making society, or those considered pro-marraige to question whether or not they should have gotten married before having sex. Because sex before marriage demons have no control over their desires, to expect moral behavior is unloving, cruel and ignorant, because what you’re asking is impossible. Being the victims of such abuse, they are forced to seek refuge in loneliness, in order to be who they are.

In the end, that uselessly old idea that love heals all things, and now Elsa is suddenly able to control herself–for no good reason. Now she’ll only have responsible out of marriage sex!  Who does that!?! Certainly not Mormons.

For me, this is probably one of the most disturbing messages of the movie, Frozen, and of course, the bottom line in the twisted marketing to normalize anti-church behavior: the problem is whores, but we’re made to fall in love with the whoriest whore in all of animated movies ever!  Elsa’s a whore!  She must be stopped!  Don’t have sex before marriage!  Save yourself!!!

Aside –  One thing that struck me as I was writing this was a line from the original blog post: “For those who would say that if you look for something hard enough you can find it, in just about anything.”  She’s right.  What she missed was the argument in favor of things she actually believes in the movie, choosing to focus on the negative.  I hope others choose to focus on the positive, like not raising whores, and teach their children to do the same.