I’ve been gone fo ra long time.  Mackenzie told me to keep writing because he regretted not, but I did not take his advice.  Rather, I forgot my logon for this one day, and then I just moved on, and I forgot.  But now I’m back. 

And I’m still teaching. 

Believe it or not, I’m still teaching.  This is good news all around.  My guys are occasionally still learning, and I’m occasionally still teaching content.  It’s beauteous.  (Is that a word? Ya?  Nah?) 

By the way, I love my guys.  My students, my boys, are my life right now. 

Because of the time contraints they put on me, I have very little time to update this business.  But I will more often.  The year is winding down, summer is approaching, everything is starting to come together and this next year I cannot wait for.

I’ll be back with mroe soon!