I finally found out what my student’s court ordered subpoena was for:  possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell. 

He’s in family counseling.  And he had to write a 1000 word essay about why what he did was wrong, and what he will do in the future to succeed and not end up in court again.  Why will he never write 1000 words for me?   Sadly, he was out last week because he was caught by the police with alcohol possession.  He got in more trouble for that.  I hope he doesn’t keep acting foolishly.  He’s one of my best students with one of the most promising futures.  Oh well.  What am I gonna do?

I also learned this week that one of my students is in a Christmas play at church called “Black Nativity.”  Guess why. 

And, one of my students used to be a model.  For what, or when, he will not give me any details.  This makes me think he was a model for diapers when he was 5 months old, and he’s still living on the high of it, 13 year later. 

There will also be at least (!) two students gracing my hometown for the Christmas holiday.  Weird.  I will avoid leaving my house at all costs.  Lord knows what I would do if I ran into one of my students in the “real world.”