There are many moments when I love my studnets.  There are also many moments when I don’t love my students.  Today was a day when I did not love my students as much as I could have.  It was mainly their (not there or they’re!) fault.  However I keep thinking to myself that I need to hold on to the nice and hilarious things they do because I really do appreciate them sometimes.  I love it when they ask personal questions like

  • After I said “I have to go home…and make dinner.” –Where’s your wife?  Why doesn’t she make you dinner? (I love working at an all boys school.  Keeping sexism alive one future man at a time.)
  • Did you get the belt from the gap? Because my cousin has a belt just like that and he spent a lot of money at gap… (No Comment.  But it was from gap…)
  • Where’s your girlfriend? (How do I respond…?)
  • Did you just fart sir? (Maybe…)
  • Where you from?  What’s it like?  Did you live on the beach? (Florida.  Like Philly, only more trees.  No.)
  • Can I buy your tie?  I’ll give you five dollars? (No.  I paid 30.) 
  • What do you put in your tea every day?  Why you always so happy in the morning? (I take this as a compliment.)
  • Why you gotta play us Mr. W? (“Huh.”) I mean…like every time we say something you gotta be smart with us and say something, that’s not cool… (No, probably not.  But it makes my life fun.)
  • Why don’t you curse like all the other teachers?
  • Where you get your hair cut?
  • Mr. W got that “got me some” smile today! (“Inapproriate.  Sit down.”)

To which I generally say: “Off topic. Are there any serious questions? Moving on..”