I have officially lost no students yet.  Others have.  I thank goodness for that.  And I have not funny “Teacher” (with a big T) to relate, because lets be honest, I’m not very funny.  Although the last three days of this past week were standardized testing days.  That means that I proctor from 8 AM – 11:30 AM, with one 30 minute break.  I then move straight into teach 11:40-1PM, 40 minute break/prep/lunch/parent-phone-calls/regain-sanity, and two more period 1:38-3:05.  Homework help until 4PM.  Fencing until Five.  I work an 8-5 job with an hour and ten minutes of break for the whole day.  I am exhausted. 

I am also only teaching some of my students.  I don’t want my other students to fall behind and not be prepared for the benchmark next Thursday.  So instead we do review and fun games.

I had my Literature class (who just learned what the key elements of the quest story are) create a story that had to abide by all the rules of a quest narrative.  Those element are:

  • A quester – a knight
  • a place to go
  • A “stated” reason to go on the journey
  • challenges
  • A “real” reason to go there (aka. SELF-DISCOVERY!)

So, we’re developing a quest story.  They democratically decided I should be the quester.  I said OK.  Probably a mistake.  Because when it came time to create some challenges, every student had to come up witha  challenge.  Most of the challenges (needless to say?) involved one member of the class shooting me in some necessary part of my body.  Darren shot me in the head.  Jared shot me in the kneecaps.  And then Jake’s doberman attacked me and tore open my neck.  They also decided the “real” reason for my quest would be to discover that I shouldn’t really be a teacher.

Thanks guys.  Thanks a lot.  I feel the love. 

Never again will I have such an unstructured activity.  Never again will I allow my school to do Standardized Testing.  Never. Ever. Ever. Again.