My school is just about to get its first white student.  First ever white student.  I’m thrilled.  For the first time the student body population will begin to reflect most of the deversity of the world.  We still haven’t had an asian enroll yet, but that’ll happen in 4-6 years. I’d put money on it.  That is if there are any asians in Philadelphia who aren’t UPenn grad students.  But that’s a small detail to be worked out.

Anyways, I hear the surprising news at work.  And it’s exciting.  Who isn’t curious how a white student will react in an all Black/Latino environment.  So when I get home I tell the enws to everyone.

“Guess what?  We’re getting a white student!?” 

And, to a house full of teachers who teach primarily Black and Latino it’s an interesting and exciting possibility: the possibility of teaching a white student.  Not because white students are any more well behaved or smarter.  Just because white students are not what we know.

As I relate my excitemen to my housemates, I mention to one roommate who teaches at the school he will be transferring from “We’re getting a white guy from your school!”

He responded, “Not the white kid?  He’s the only one we’ve got.  I don’t even teach him and I know who he is.  He’s practically famous for being ‘the white kid’ in school.  Man, how could you take our white kid?”

I respond with a small victory dance.  And the curiosity of what will come…

Man.  Teaching a white kid.  I never thought the day would come.