After getting used to the regular Thursday Night Sketch nights that I rarely attended throughout college, I find that going out with TFA people is a lot like that, except I’m not nearly as comfortable dancing with them.  So I lean against the wall and watch what happens instead.  This is what I see:

  1. Begin the night on a good note at a chill/classy bar: Drink (Minimum) 2 Beers/Mixed Drinks.
  2. Hang out and talk with the circulating TFA people who are all wandering down Chestnut trying to figure out where all the other TFA people are: Figure Out The Person You Will Most Likely Be Making Out With At The End Of The Night.
  3. Begin the discussion of what dance club your group of TFA people is going to next: Facilitate Movement Towards Add Debauchery To The Drunkenness.
  4. Get to the dance club: Drink (Minimum) 3 Beers/Mixed Drinks.
  5. At this point, properly moving towards the mental state of wasted, attempt to dance (read: grind) with every person in the club, which invariably means only dance with other TFA people: Allow Alcohol Its Proper Freedom In Your Bloodstream.
  6. Boys will be dancing with boys, girls dancing with girls, those groups will break up to dance with each other and uninterestingly make out only to go back to dancing with each other, while the rest of the group awkwardly dances with each other with no skill but lots of enthusiasm: Lose All Inhibitions.
  7. If you aren’t already there: Get Drunk, Grind On Everything (Whether It Moves Or Not).
  8. Feel satisfied with the mirror you just made out with: Call A Cab Home.
  9. Pass out: Get Your Much Deserved Rest.
  10. Repeat as necessary until you forget you’re a teacher: Return To School On Monday.

It’s a interesting scene, man, it’s an interesting scene.  And who would have thought I could have observed all that in just a four hour block of time.

This all began with Leah’s birthday, and a the Friday school day canceled because of a “heat wave.”  It’s wasn’t that hot, but I took the opportunity to go see The Dark Knight, sleep a lot, and go out.  I also exchanged my bed for one that doesn’t creak with rust every time a slight breeze flows through the room.

You should have heard the whooping and cheering as people around 5:30 waltzed out of 1300 (the building where we live) with the good news that school for tomorrow will be canceled and their only plan is: “Let’s Get Drunk!”  We’re a classy group of kids, we are.  Wouldn’t you say?  I would say, indeed.

Wait, let me clarify–half of the people were whooping and cheering and the other half (again, around 5:30) were crawling into be to try and get more than six hours of sleep for once on a week night.  After hanging out for what seemed hours late into the night, I realized it was only 10 PM and I was exhausted, so I crawled into bed and passed out.

And, the dreams about my classroom, and TFA have started.  Little dreams/nightmares about poor students behavior, or my ineffectiveness, or judging observers seeing my ineffectiveness and my students’ bad behavior.  Or maybe I’m just thinking about these things in the moments between sleeping and waking and they haunt my thoughts for a while, but regardless–the total mental takeover is beginning.