So, today was the big First Day of TFA Institute.

Relatively uneventful, and all anyone can seem to ask (because they’ve worn out the Who/WhatCollege/Where/WhichCorps questions) is “How was your first day?”  The emphasis seems to imply that they actually have something to say about their first day, but I’m honestly having difficulty finding an appropriate answer.

“Oh, well, you know.  Pretty much exactly like induction, only longer.  A little long, a little boring, but all good info just not packaged extraordinarily brightly.  No teaching, just sitting so it’s not like I had much to worry about.”  That’s really all I got.

I’m not trying to say there’s nothing exciting happening.  I’m just trying to say that the real self-conscious feelings of “Oh my gosh these kids are judging me” or “I can’t believe they didn’t respond well to my lesson plans” or “Why can’t they learn this, God, why?” or “What am I doing wrong?” or “Why is that one kid picking that other kids nose?”.  All of that fun hasn’t started yet, so it’s like we’ve had the politely small starter salad at the most expensive French restaurant in town, and the appetizer hasn’t even come out yet.  Maybe we’re not even to the salad.  Maybe we’re still on breadsticks.  I really should have thoroughly thought that simile through before I ran with it.  Ah! The mistakes of youth and idiocy and future educators molding the minds of America’s impressionable youth.

I would write more, but I”m crashing in a major way, and have no more sarcasm left in me after a hard, hard long day of under-the-breath on-the-sly comments to whomever was sitting next to me about the latest silly thing the presenter just said.  It’s tough work, but hey…

This is also a really unceremonious post because I really had nothing to write about.

Once I’m in the thick of it and have something (read: complaining) to write about, that’s when this blog will really get kick-started.  But that won’t be until next Monday, so until then…

PS.  Correction on a former entry: Due to the controversy, I don’t think I’d actually kill an Asian baby, I’m retracting that statement.  Although I might could throw it a few feet out of extreme rage (worse than the Florida Road Rage of US DHMV Infamy) so that only partially permanent damage would ensue throughout a deformed life.  Is that better Colleen?