Battling new boat shoes cutting into my Achilles as I ran from one late connecting flight to a very on time plane with the door almost completely shut as I run up–I felt very glad US Air decided to open it back up just for breathless and sweating me after awkwardly galloping the length of Charlotte airport with about 50 pounds of carry-on baggage.

But here I am–Philly, my new home: as moved in as I’m gonna be for the time being. Maybe for a long time being.

The good news is I can now quantify my life: 150 lbs (approx.), 127 DVDs, 52 gigs of music, 14 ties, four bags, three hats,  two bibles, and one camera.  Add my body weight and it comes to about 300 pounds. A hefty weight, and a more awkward sight if you had seen me waddling down UPenn’s Locust Walk, both shoulders strapped with a bag (like a touristy Rambo) and both hands dragging 50 pounds (each) rolling suitcases behind.

Everything is running smoothly, and coolly enough, the keynote speaker for our introductory dinner was director M. Night Shayamalan. (I hope that’s spelled right.) He gave a really good speech. And while I’ve read that early on in his career he was fashioned the second coming of Hitchcock (and goodness knows his cameos only re-emphasize that idea), I would say he’s minorly subpar, although his movies are very well made, if sometimes lacking. But still very good, regardless. I think TFA outdid themselves when they brought him in. But it really shows me how excited so many different people of interests and successes are invested in this cause I am (feebly) taking up.

The second day–which I just got back from–was a little less informative.

Check that: it was unnecessarily too informative.

They gave us facts upon facts in a very drawn out fashion, then asked us to reflect on those facts or mission statements after every fact.  Not to be overly critical because the information was good and valid, I just felt a little lackluster at the end of it all.  So, while I recognize the value of the information, I reject the presentation and format, generally speaking.  But if that’s my biggest complaint, it’s not much of one.

Regardless, I still am so excited to be a part of this and to be moving on towards the future with every countdown hour Institute and teaching will sooner start.

And Philadelphia is a beautiful city.