Alright, after the lengthy clothes-folding process, packing went surprisingly fast. And now I’m a little bored. Not that I didn’t try my hardest to make it a long and drawn out process. There were the necessary errands, the movie watching, the naps…and then the packing. But still, it didn’t take long, which makes me sure I will absolutely forget something that I will not realize until tomorrow at 8 AM, about the time I arrive in Charlotte. This is why I”m watching “Bringing Up Baby” while updating my blog.

Speaking of blogs, can I just take this moment to mention I think the word “blog” is probably one of the most depressing sounding words in the world. Really anything that rhymes with “smog,” and starts with the same phoneme as “bleak”, “blasphemous”, “black”, “bleary”, “blizzard” . . . . . . . Apologies, but that’s been bugging me for the last who knows how many years, and it was the primary reason I didn’t have a blog for so long. Just a depressing word. I know, a silly reason, but still I figure I’m allowed to be peculiar about some things.

After finishing “Bringing up Baby,” I think I might just start reading The World According to Garp again, surprisingly only for the second time since first reading it in high school and then recommending it rabidly ever since.  I hope it is as good as it was.  Seriously contemplating the reread.  Went out and bought it, and…well, what can I say.  The approaching excitement is too much, and I have to divert my mind somehow.  So I write.  Poorly.  But, I still write.  And I think about reading.  All while listening to music.  Really, just trying to take in as much cultural information as possible.  Scanning the BBC news, reading the NYTimes and Kirkus Starred Book Reviews, playing with my new camera, and always thinking in the back of my mind about the future.  Permutating the possibilities.  Imagining the inevitable.

Looking for ward to lunch and dinner tomorrow, but not breakfast.  I don’t think I will ever look forward to a breakfast (no matter how delicious) that occurs before 8 in the morning, much less 5.  Excited about reestablishing myself.  Curious about this two year commitment and wondering where I will go after these upcoming two years.  These aren’t really worries, or concerns.  They’re all just possibilities.  Options.  My mind is always restless and will forever imagine what could be, or what could have been, and gives me no patience when thinking about any topic, for it is always concerned with another.

That restlessness and my general disregard for rules are what I attribute most of my success to.

PS.  There was an alternate to this entry that I quickly discarded because it started like this: “How does it feel?  How does it feel? …”  Yeah…