I find myself seeking out new and different music all the time. All the time. Browsing through the internet, through Last.fm, Pandora.com, blogs, myspace.com (the only reason I have a myspace page at all), recommendations from friends, and all other forms you can think of. (Oh no, I ended my sentence with a preposition! Oh well…)

But it isn’t often instead of me seeking out a band, a band seeks out me. I mean, I go to shows and concerts all the time, but rarely do those bands feel the need to spend a day in the life of me. But, hey anything can happen, right?

And it did…

I was hanging out at All Saints a few weeks ago, relegated to the table by the back stairs with a dude I didn’t/don’t know because the place was especially crowded and there were these annoyingly loud guys hanging out on the couches. Well, coming out of the bathroom one of the guys on one of the couches asks me what schools are around here.

“Uhhh, which schools?” I ask, sounding like an idiot. But I had no idea if he was talking about high schools, colleges, middle schools, who knows. But he responds to me without taking my nuanced replay into account and treating me like a fool: “You know what colleges are around?”

“Oh, well there’s TCC, FSU, and FAMU.” (Oxford comma implied. But not when talking about the College of Engineering.) “Wait, which?” he asked. And I know I tend to mumble so I repeated my self v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y a-n-d p-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y…like when I’m talking to my father on the phone, and I really want him to understand. And one of the guys still didn’t understand I was saying FAM-U. So I clarified all around: “Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University, and Florida A&M University.” That finally shut them up.

What followed was a very short and (not but, really) sweet conversation where we exchanged names and places of origin (they were impressed I could have lived in a place like Tallahassee so long, and I said it was really a great town) and they explained what they were doing there. “We’re a band. We’re called Playradioplay!” And then they looked at me. And I stared back blankly. And they kept looking expectantly, so I looked back expectantly. And they kept looking for me to realize their band name, and all I could really say was “That’s a good band name. Better than most.” And that was it. Sufficiently awkward. Sufficient enough, at least, for them to quickly leave thereafter. I think I scared them away, but I’m not going to give myself that much credit.

Anyways: shoot to the present. I looked them up on myspace, listened to their music, and decided I liked them. Wondered how I hadn’t heard about them before. I mean, Wal-Mart made one of their songs a download of the week, and I had missed their press? There is a great imbalance in the world when Wal-Mart’s more ahead of the times than I am.

If you’re interested in downloading a free MP3 of his music, or just reading about his, or listening to a few streaming songs, here are a few useful links:

And just so you know, it apparently is properly spelled Playradioplay! All one word (like your email address), and with an exclamation point at the end. At least I think so. If it is supposed to be just “play radio play” well, then I apologize in advance.