Rarely do I feel the need to impress a song, rather than an artist, here, and I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage this band (Athlete) in particular, however I do love this song. And I love the band. But the song will come first.

El Salvador:

So this song is a mildly unassuming song, beginning with the occasional bells, electronic-like doo-hickeys, and a persistent percussion that, throughout the song at different times, seems to progress it, pace it, or hamper what could become an almost exuberant celebration. The song is a masterpiece in pacing, moving at somewhat slow but deliberate pace. It plods like a smiling giant.

The philosophy of the song I relate to, I think many can. It’s that idea of running away from what has become the average day in the life of you. For him it’s the touring, the hotels, the drinking, the constant music.

So he’s flying to El Salvador: “don’t know why and I don’t know what for.” But he’s doing it. And that is the important thing. To do and break the monotony and see just somewhere exotic, that place where you see the pictures and wish you were there indefinitely.

It’s a song of regret and celebration. Few things are more universal for every age.

So before I move on, if I haven’t talked up this song enough: please listen to it with video here.

Or with no video here.

Or live here. (I like giving you guys options, what can I say.) Not the best quality, so if you can’t live with that, don’t watch this link.

And I must say I do enjoy their music immensely, however uneven it may be. But it is varied which I like. Their three albums, that I know about at least, are in chronological order “Vehicles and Animals”, “Tourist”, and the most recent “Beyond the Neighborhood.” And they are all quite nice.

Some other good tracks to look out for: Tokyo (Beyond the Neighborhood), Wires (Tourist), and Half Light (Tourist). Hope you enjoy. And if you don’t like the song after a few listens (I usually recommend three generally to figure out whether you absolutely do or do not like a song) let me know. I’ll be interested to hear why.